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About the translation

Dear friends,

Welcome to our website. It is our prayer that this website will be a blessing and an inspiration and motivation to you to seek the Truth and to work for the salvation of others. This website is our story, our testimony and part of our missionary work as a family.

If you need to translate this website to your language please keep in mind that the translation is not 100% accurate as we are using the Google translator plugin. Google translator is not a human translation and because of that it is not the best translation, we know that but is our only solution for the moment to make this website possible in your language due to the extent of the information we share.

It is not a perfect translation but we hope that you can get the idea and we pray that it can be a blessing. Please accept our apologies on this matter.

Please use the “Select Language” button below. To go to the “Home page” click the big title at the top of this page.

Thanks and blessings,

En Los Pasos De Enoc Ministry.